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Meet our PRE Horses

Bred with attention to morphology, movement and character
Imported from the finest Spanish Yeguadas
Descended from exquisite bloodlines

United States' finest breeder of the Pure Spanish Horse

222 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Guided by the great Spanish masters of P.R.E. breeding science

Western Gailes Ranch: It's a Passion

Here at Western Gailes Ranch, we spent many days, weeks and months selecting great PRE broodmares with the best morphological and character qualities to produce our foals. By carefully matching mares and stallions, we strive to obtain an excellent genetic foundation to go with a quality character predisposition in our offspring.

Our ranch is 222 acres set in the foothills of Central Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Our horses live together in large open spaces where they can experience life as it is meant to be. Freedom to run and graze to achieve optimum physical development, resulting in healthy balanced horses of excellent character.

Meet the herd

Our Pure Spanish  Horses for Sale

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Dorada WC


Why Choose a PRE Horse?

Known for being elegant yet strongly built, PRE horses (also known as Pura Raza Española or Andalusian horses) have been a coveted breed throughout history. For centuries, they were the envy of militaries around the world who recognized them for their outstanding athleticism.

Today, their natural beauty, friendly nature and intelligence are what makes them an excellent choice for a number of sports and leisure activities such as dressage, show jumping and driving. 

The remarkable features of the PRE horse have not been lost on the cinematic world either, as it is a frequently chosen breed in movies, such as Gladiator, Braveheart and Lord of the Rings, to name a few.

Vinas Adela

PRE Horses for Dressage

Andalusian horses are an excellent choice for dressage enthusiasts not just because of their physique and their comfortable gait but because of their personality too. 


These horses are kind and quick to learn, as these traits have always been encouraged during the breeding process. People who've used an Andalusian horse for dressage are always impressed by the ease with which their horse responds to training.


All of our colts and fillies have excellent stable manners and would make a fine dressage horse given the proper training. If you are looking to buy a dressage horse, we invite you to come have a look at our herd together with your trainer, so he can help you find the perfect horse for your needs!



Where to Buy PRE Horse? Spain vs. the U.S

Many people think that in order to buy an Andalusian horse, they need to go to Spain.


While this is certainly an option, buyers need to be aware of the stringent regulations and paperwork involved in importing an Andalusian horse from Europe. More importantly, importation fees alone will set you back around $10,000, often making a U.S.-bred horse the better option.

At Western Gailes Ranch we have followed the guidance of the great masters of P.R.E. breeding science in Spain. Our herd was built on a foundation of horses imported from the infamous Spanish Yeguadas: Paco Martí, El Discípulo, Piqué Ángel and Valdeviñas.

Dorada WC

If you wish to find out more about the ancestry of any of our horses, you can consult the Stud Book of the Association of Breeders of Purebred Spanish Horses (ANCCE)



History of the Spanish Horse

There are myths and legends aplenty when it comes to the history and origins of Pura Raza Española horses.


Their origins can be traced back to prehistoric times but its development

in more recent times began with the Carthaginians and continued with the Romans, who used Spanish horses for different purposes: as a means for transportation, as war horses and even in the circus.

It was King Phillip II who is credited with laying the foundation for the Pura Raza Española, which is the technical terms that should be used, as PRE is not the only breed of Andalusian horses.

The Spanish General Gonzalo de Cordoba (on a white horse) receiving the defeated French after battle in 1503.

In the 16th century, the king charged the royal horse breeder of Cordoba with the task of bringing together 1200 mares and stallions from among the different breeds of Andalusian horses available at the time, so as to create an entirely new breed. The goal was to achieve the Greek ideal for a horse, until then only described in paintings and literature.

The PRE became the most coveted war horse, present in the royal courts of major European countries, where it also gave rise to academies for disciplines such as dressage and high school riding. Andalusian horses were frequently given as a gift, whenever the Spanish court wanted to strengthen ties with another nation. 

It was not, however, until recently that Pure Spanish horses became a truly global breed as their export was banned by the Spanish government until the 1960s.

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