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Andalusian Horse Breeding Season 2022 
Has Now Officially Started

Western Gailes Ranch is proud to declare this year's breeding season open.
Vinas Talisman

We spent many days, weeks and months researching and then selecting great broodmares with the best morphological and character qualities. By carefully matching mares and stallions, we strive to obtain an excellent genetic foundation to go with a quality character predisposition in our offspring.

How it works

We invite you to browse our fine selection of broodmares. Once you've taken your pick, we offer 2 options for the breeding: live cover breeding or artificial insemination.

If you are interested, please fill out our dedicated contact form, specifying your choice of broodmare, stallion or specimen form the semen bank.

The sections below contain more information on each method.

Artificial Insemenation

Live Cover Horse Breeding

Our stallions are descended from exquisite bloodlines and bred with attention to morphology, movement and character.

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What would you like to hear more about?

Which mare are you interested in?
Art of breeding
Live Cover Horse Breeding



Our carefully curated semen bank allows us to provide an even wider breeding options this season.

vinas jalon.jpg

Atrevido Mango

Esta hermosa andaluza color castaña es otra adición que orgullosamente tenemos en nuestro banco de semen.

2017 SICAB Champion of Movements
Genetic category: JRR morphology
Offspring: 139 horses

vinas jalon.jpg

Revoltoso XXIX

Revoltoso XXIX es uno de los sementales preciado de la reconocida Yeguada Paco Martí.

Color: Alazana
Offspring: 409 horses

vinas jalon.jpg

Carmelo II

Un fascinante semental doble crema, descendiente del linajes de Paco Martí.

Genetic coat color: Buckskin
Offspring: 128 horses

vinas jalon.jpg

Viñas Jalon

Un semental muy codiciado y galardonado; Viñas Jalon es el primer PRE negro en ser galardonado como campeón de SICAB.

2013 SICAB Spanish champion
2014 SICAB Breed champion
Genetic category: JRR morphology
Offspring: 65 horses

vinas jalon.jpg

Pegaso IV

Pegaso IV es otro excelente semental, criado por Paco Marti.

Excellent temperament
Offspring: 137 horses

vinas jalon.jpg


Este hermoso semental de doble capa perla, actualmente residente en la Yeguada de Paco Marti, mide 17.02hh.

Offspring: 73 horses

vinas jalon.jpg

Impaciente II

Incluido como un Semental Elite en el Libro Genealógico de LG (junto con solo otros 5 caballos en todo el mundo), Impaciente II es ampliamente considerado como uno de los mejores Andaluces de cría.

2004 SICAB Champion of Functionality
Part of the Spanish Dressage Team (Grand Prix level)
Offspring: 348 horses

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