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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has been formulated with the guidance of the great masters of P.R.E. breeding science in Spain. We spent many days, weeks and months researching and then selecting great broodmares with the best morphological and character qualities to produce our foals. By carefully matching mares and stallions, we strive to obtain an excellent genetic foundation to go with a quality character predisposition in our offspring.

After birth, we enhance the selection work by providing our newborn foals with the best conditions to grow and develop in both physical and mental aspects. The goal is to turn them into beautiful, noble, brave and loyal horses in the Carthusian tradition.

Horses born on our farm are horses that, from the day they are born until the day they leave us for their new homes, have had the opportunity to experience a life of freedom with their mothers in surroundings in which

horses were meant to live.


When foals reach weaning time, all of them will have grown up in optimum conditions for mental and physical development. Generally roaming with their mother and other sets of mares and foals, allows us to deliver animals of the good predisposition of character ready to be raised and trained to adulthood to make excellent human companions.

The herd

Our herd was built on a foundation of horses imported from the infamous Spanish Yeguadas: Paco Martí, El Discípulo, Piqué Ángel and Valdeviñas. Known for our attention to beautiful colors, confirmation and movement, we have what we believe is the most outstanding stock in North America. We have bred or acquired the most magnificent selection of diluted color P.R.E.’s outside of Spain itself.

We had the good fortune to have purchased two stallions with the rare coat color Isabella. Our broodmares and their offspring include grey, black, bay, chestnut, palomino, buckskin, pearl and cream. Our objective is to continue to produce horses of beautiful color with outstanding conformation, movement and personality.

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Our ranch

Our ranch is 222 acres set in the foothills of Central Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Our horses live together in large open spaces where they can experience life as it is meant to be. Freedom to run and graze to achieve optimum physical development, resulting in healthy balanced horses of excellent character.

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